The Economy kickstart in post-Covid lockdown benefits The EpiCentre in Haverhill

May 20th 2021

Confidence in the return to better times is amply demonstrated by the 30% increase in workspace signings in just two weeks at The EpiCentre in Haverhill.

The latest names to join the roster of companies taking space at The EpiCentre are PBS Care, Folgate Insurance and ATM Steel. All are taking space for a variety of reasons, but the common theme is that businesses are reviewing their growth plans and forward planning to kickstart activity now the easing of restrictions is happening post lockdown.

Centre manager Kelly Boosey explains: “It is tremendously exciting to see established companies that have lain low for 12 months beginning to plan for growth. There are clear signs that while there maybe a move towards flexible working, teams still want to come together to share knowledge and develop business on a regular basis.

This growth view is echoed by recent economic forecasts. The government’s independent economic forecaster, The Office for Budget Responsibility, said that Britain’s economic growth will accelerate next year at the fastest rate since official records began in 1948 as the economy rebounds by 7.3%.

“And this is where the appeal of The EpiCentre innovation centre lies. There are no huge financial commitments. Rolling monthly contracts means you are not tied in for years and can adjust your space needs to your immediate business needs. There are office rooms of all sizes, together with hot desks and co-working spaces that are all COVID-safe. And where The EpiCentre scores over traditional workplaces is that it gives support to those businesses wanting to take advantage of that forecast exponential growth to come.” adds Boosey.

Cllr John Griffiths, Leader of West Suffolk Council which helped establish both The EpiCentre and the wider Haverhill Research Park, said: “We have been providing support to many businesses in West Suffolk and in particular to help them weather the pandemic storm over the past year or so. It is fantastic news that, now, as more and more people are vaccinated and restrictions are lifted, businesses are able to better plan for their futures and the flexibility of The EpiCentre is so well placed to support them moving forward with confidence and to assist growth and prosperity here in West Suffolk.”

Business Development Manager, Paul Craig, said: "As Folgate Insurance continues to grow as a business, we realised it was time to expand the office locations. We already had some key staff located in the area and felt a local office to Haverhill would make sense. It would also attract new staff from surrounding areas such as Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and Saffron Walden.”

"The EpiCentre offers great access to the M11 and M25, which in turn allows us to visit our brokers, or for our brokers to come to us. It also offers good value for money and is well equipped with all the modern technology you would need to run a successful business," adds Craig.

Portia Shadwell, the owner of PBS Care, that delivers specialist care services to a wide variety of healthcare establishments throughout the UK, said: “The EpiCentre offers clean, comfortable and flexible space.”

The EpiCentre will shortly be announcing their upcoming hybrid events programme gradually re-introducing ‘in-person’ events whilst still making content accessible online. Keep up to date with their events on their website:

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