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Spotlight with WYSPR

WYSPR turns consumers into influencers.

They offer an alternative to influencer marketing by using the power of regular social media users to survey their friends and promote brands online instead of traditional influencers.Real consumers achieve 10x higher engagement rate by reaching an audience of friends and family, not fans and followers. A digital word of mouth they call Friendvertising™.

WYSPR are looking for £1.5 million In Seed funding which will scale their SaaS offering and grow their userbase to capture the U.K. market.

For more information on this exciting and interesting company please see www.wyspr.co.uk or contact Oliver@wyspr.co.uk

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    Covid-19 Statement

    Update – 22 January 2022

    Our Innovation Centres remain operational and accessible, and provide a safe environment for our staff and customers. We continue to assess the risk of COVID-19 alongside the latest guidance from government. In the meantime our Innovation Centre remains COVID-19 Secure and fully open for business. Our detailed risk assessment can be found here.