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New to The EpiCentre, first aid training provider ‘The Bridge’

The Bridge First Aid

The Bridge First Aid offers a refreshingly unique and innovative approach to traditional first aid training.

They are dedicated to teaching you simple skills you can rely on. Priding themselves on being professional and flexible, they have the full gamut of regulated work first aid courses; paediatric first aid, animal first aid and mental health first aid (MHFA England) and starting from April 2021 they will be offering bookable training sessions direct at The Epicentre, Haverhill.

Courses available include;

Ofsted compliant (12 hour) blended Level 3 Paediatric First Aid

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work

Level 3 regulated 18-hour First Aid at Work

Level 3 2-day HSE Compliant First Aid at Work Requalification

2 Day Adult Mental Health First Aid

16 Hour Outdoor First Aid

Canine and Advanced Pet First Aid

To celebrate the collaboration with The EpiCentre, The Bridge First Aid are offering 10% discount just enter the code ‘EPICENTRE’ on their website when you make your booking

The Bridge First Aid also provide students with a broad spectrum of learning experiences for vocational or work-related training, approved and accredited by National Awarding Bodies.  And with a growing demand for clarity around mental health issues and mental illness, and education around emotional literacy, they have affordable public programmes for both individuals and organisations.

Parity of Esteem

Change the way you think about health, there is no health without mental health.  Imagine a world where physical and mental health needs are treated equally…

Question – Is a pandemic more detrimental to your physical or mental health?

Answer – A parity approach is required.

What does ‘Parity of esteem’ mean?

‘Parity of esteem’ simply means that physical and mental health are valued equally.

It is a term which is becoming more commonly used in the UK and, bit by bit, people are beginning to understand the importance of nurturing mental health in the same way they do physical health. But a lot more action is needed to achieve true parity in the real world.

Mental illness is a serious public health issue which places significant strain on an already over stretched healthcare system.  As with physical health, it is everyone’s responsibility to take a proactive approach to mental health to prevent crises. Early intervention both in workplaces and the community at large is vital.  Ignoring this will ultimately lead to an unsustainable pressure on the NHS, and our future generations, as well as a compound negative effect on the financial bottom line.

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Just as learning physical first aid and CPR provides life saving first aid skills, Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to recognise and when to assist someone experiencing a mental health issue or a crisis. You will learn risk factors and warning signs for poor mental health, strategies for how to help, and where to signpost professional help. You will also discover a great deal about yourself as well as tools for resilience and managing stress.

The Adult Two Day MHFA England course is the only recognised training programme that qualifies you as a Mental Health First Aider.  Also on offer is the one-day Mental Health First Aid Champions course and Youth Mental Health first aid courses.  All MHFA Instructors have completed the training programme accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, (RSPH).

Is Mental Health First Aid a Mandatory requirement alongside Physical First Aid?

Recruiting Mental Health First Aiders demonstrates a commitment towards promoting positive mental health during this difficult time.  Did you know that your employer has a “duty of care”, (this means a legal obligation), to support their employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing?  If your risk assessment indicates a high risk to health, safety and wellbeing, employers must provide reasonable adjustments, this includes people with a mental illness, or mental health issue.

If you broke your leg, you may be given a different desk or chair,  “reasonable adjustment”.  If you have suffered a mental health issue, burnout, stress and anxiety, your employer may work with you to establish what reasonable adjustments can be made.

You can see how the pandemic and new ways of working, coupled with home schooling and uncertainty has exacerbated things.  Often the adjustments people might need are easy to implement. Training adequate staff in Mental Health First Aid will support individuals to access the right help before they reach breaking point.

The MHFA courses are fantastic inclusive experiential courses for all, where you will also learn a great deal about yourself as well as simple life saving mental health first aid skills, and employers fulfil their legal obligations to support their employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing.

Each learner is provided with evidence-based resources to take away to support them in their new role as a Mental Health First Aider. We can also support your business in implementing Mental Health First Aid into your organisation in line with your health and wellbeing policy.


The Epicentre is excited to be working with the team at The Bridge First Aid, to find out what courses are running check out the Events page.



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