Eastern Promise – The Podcast

April 29th 2022

The PLUG BOARD is a semi-regular feature on ‘Eastern Promise – The Podcast’ – the show which explores the full potential of the East of England.  You can find it via all the main podcast platforms or here: https://easternpromise.podbean.com/

A panel of three participants is each given up to two minutes to plug their business/startup/organisation/whatever.  This includes URLs, phone numbers, anything.

In exchange, you have to give the same amount of time to an organisation or business whose work you really admire, or even love.  It can be anything or anyone, from a barista to a barrister.  Just two provisos:

  • It must be a named person or business; Nothing notional/hypothetical/symbolic or collective (so no ‘the great outdoors’ or ‘all SMEs’); and
  • It/they have to be based in the East of England (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or Essex);

Hopefully, a bit of fun banter will creep in too!  The show has an audience across the UK and round the world, so you can be sure of a good hearing.  An appearance can also lead to new business…!

May 12th 2022

Babita Devi named as a winner of the 2022 Timewise Power List

The 10th annual Power List by social enterprise Timewise, includes people in some of the UK’s most important jobs.

May 10th 2022

Haverhill students helped in mapping out their futures at Aspire event at The EpiCentre

The annual Aspire event was held at The EpiCentre on Haverhill Research Park last week and attracted more than 130 students who were given the chance to learn more about local businesses and the local labour market.

April 14th 2022

O2C Arc special article from Babita Devi at Oxford Innovation

O2C Arc special article from Babita Devi at Oxford Innovation